Thursday, May 21, 2009

Offbeat Integration Approaches

I am collecting humerous terms for different kinds of integration. I will seed the discussion with a few, but would be interested in having others added, with descriptions in the comments to this posts. It would be delightful to have a large glossary of terms.

I'll start the ball rolling with some oldies but goodies.

SneakerNet (n,vt) Delivering of (usually) files from one place to another on some form of removable media. The sneakers, of course refer to the need to get it there quickly. Often used to bypass security or other limits. E.g. email attachment size limitations, one system unable to connect to the same network as another system. File type limitations. Usage. I can't email this to you, have you got a thumb drive, I'll sneakernet it to you.

FunnelCast Delivering of information to a large number of people by shouting through a megaphone. The most common means of getting data from the page of a professor's notebook to the page of a student's notebook.

Swivel Chair I first heard this from my colleague Adrian Apthorp. The need to take data from one system and enter it into another can be solved by sitting on a swivel chair so you can switch between the screens with minimal effort.

Have at it and exercise your creativity.



gerrygadget said...

Print & Scan - I'll print it, walk it down the hall to you, then you can comment and give it back to me, at which point I'll scan it back in. Oh, and we might have to iterate several times for multiple drafts and/or signatures. Because we're using computers & technology, it's obviously saving us time and money.